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Sal Expert 25g 90 m3


Salt electrolysis equipment SaltExpert highly reliable control and ease of use. 

The result is pure, clear water and healthy and happy swimmers. 

Ideal for: Residential Pools. 

Salt electrolysis systems produce chlorine from the common salt dissolved in water. 

The salt needed for its operation should be added once the pool at a concentration of 4-6 g. / L (6 times lower than that of sea water) and similar to a saline. 

Check that the salt concentration in the water is between 4-6 g / L, 60-120 ppm alkalinity. 

The chlorine production should be in the position to maintain adequate levels of chlorine (0.5-1.5ppm). 

You should never scrape or brush the cell or electrodos.Deberá adjust the pH between 7.2-7.4 to optimize treatment and can add a pump to automatically control and adjust pH. 

In pools with strong sunlight or intensive use, such consejable maintain a concentration of 20-30 ppm stabilizer (isocyanic acid), will be of great help to eviatr destruction of free chlorine in water by the action of sunlight. 

Check that the passage of water through the same thing when the equipment operates is not closed.

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  • Model: 46052
  • Manufactured by: Certikin

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